Welcome to Dementia Australia’s Quality Dementia Care site.

Here you will find links to a range of strategies and resources that have been designed to help people to provide better quality care to people with dementia. Whether you’re a family carer, or an aged care or medical professional, there are numerous things you can do.

The purpose of this website is to showcase the resources and strategies that have been developed as part of Dementia Australia National Quality Dementia Care Initiative; a four year program funded by the JO & JR Wicking Trust and Bupa Care Services, with support from the Dementia Collaborative Research Centres to fast-track the translation of existing research evidence into better practice.

This initiative has established eight projects so far, listed under ‘Dementia Care Projects’ under the direction of members of Dementia Australia’s Consumer Dementia Research Network. The eight initial projects will be drawing to a close in late 2013 and early 2014, and this website will be updated with links and descriptions of the innovative new resources and strategies as they become available.

Two projects for which the full suite of resources and ideas are available through this website are ‘Relate, Motivate, Appreciate’ – which helps family carers to use Montessori principles to maintain a good relationship with their loved one with dementia in care, and the Dementia Enabling Environments project which has good ideas anyone can use to help people with dementia make the most of what they can do.