Relate, Motivate, Appreciate has been designed to help you have a more meaningful relationship with your friend or loved one with dementia living in care. They may no longer recognise you every time you go, and they may no longer be able to carry a conversation, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a worthwhile and rewarding visit all the same.

Feedback from many people who have tried these activities is that they can be a game changer, and can turn a visit from awkward and depressing to worthwhile and enjoyable for both of you.

There are 28 suggested activities on the following pages that provide step-by-step instructions, pictures and videos. They have been arranged by senses, and while not all activities are appropriate for everyone, it’s worth looking through and seeing what catches your attention.

Before you launch in, we’d recommend looking through the ‘Principles’ and ‘Preparing for your Visit’ sections.

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