Cameron Camp Tours

When: 25 Jul to 11 Sep 2013
Where: Cameron Camp Tour
Various Locations

About the Event

Dr Camp will run full and half – day workshops with consumers and service providers on Montessori approaches to dementia care, as well as providing consumers, dementia care workers and aged care managers with an opportunity to take part in a range of established workshops on effective communication and Montessori-based approaches to rehabilitation.

Lecture Dates and More Information

City Workshop Dates
Melbourne Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 25 July
Hawthorn Interprecare System 26 July
Montessori-based dementia programming 29 – 30 July
Geelong Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 1 August
Hobart Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 5 August
Launceston Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 7 August
Canberra How to think like a detective 8 August
Parramatta Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 12 August
Interprecare System 13 August
Port Macquarie Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 14 August
Brisbane Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 16 August
Montessori-based dementia programming 19 – 20 August
Darwin Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 22 August
Adelaide Interprecare System 29 August
Perth Dr Cameron Camp – Relate, Motivate and Appreciate: Restoring meaningful engagement with people with Dementia in care lecture 3 September
Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 4 September
Interprecare System 5 September
Adelaide Workshop TBD 6 September
Relate, Motivate, Appreciate 9 September
Geelong How to think like a detective 11 September
Hawthorn Montessori-based dementia programming 12-13 September

Relate, Motivate, Appreciate workshops are free for consumers, and all attendees will receive a free copy of the new resources (two booklets and a DVD). For registration and fees for other workshops, please see below or contact the relevant state and territory Alzheimer’s Organisation:

Victoria: 03 9815 7800
Tasmania: 03 6279 1100
Australian Captial Territory: 02 6255 0722
New South Wales: 02 9805 0100
Queensland: 07 3895 8200
Northern Territory: 08 8948 5228
Western Australia: 08 9388 2800
South Australia: 08 8372 2100