Start2Talk. Advance care planning for people with dementia

A project to help people plan ahead for medical and health care decisions

Dr Chris Shanley, Liverpool Hospital, NSW, with Dementia Australia NSW

This project is establishing a portal for information about dementia and advance care planning that is designed from the consumer point of view to be relevant and will be usable by people with dementia, family carers and healthcare professionals regardless of state or territory.

The website will be promoted nationally through a social media campaign during the second half of 2013, and will hopefully be sustained as an Dementia Australia program beyond 2013 if funding applications are successful.

Dr Chris Shanley, Manager, Aged Care Research Unit, Liverpool Hospital:

2 thoughts on “Start2Talk. Advance care planning for people with dementia

  1. Dear Dr Shanley

    We are progressing a body of work regarding Advance Care Planning at Royal Freemasons Ltd in Victoria and would be interested to have a connection with this project.

  2. Dear Moira
    Thanks for your interest in the project. It would be good to make time to meet about the project. I will be making a visit to Victoria to undertake consultations for the project and will organise a time to meet once I am clearer about when this visit will be. I will also make contact with you directly by email
    Chris Shanley

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