MODULE 3. Sexuality

In the following scenario we will meet Jane. Jane’s mother, Betty, lives in a residential aged care facility and has formed a relationship with another resident, Harold. Jane is not happy about the relationship and wants it to stop.

You may find this topic challenging and confronting. You are advised to discuss the issues raised with someone in your organisation who is trained to offer support and guidance.

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Relationships can be challenging

Working Together

My mother is with another man...

Click on the video to watch as Jane tries to explain her concerns to staff.

Think about the following questions.

You may like to discuss them with one or more staff in your workplace:

  • Have you ever known of two residents just like Betty and Harold who have formed a relationship in an aged care facility?
  • What do you think about Betty and Harold forming a relationship?
  • Why do you think Jane got so upset?
  • What do think Jane is concerned about?
  • If you were the carer in the first scene, how would you have responded to Jane’s concerns?
  • How do you think Betty and Harold might feel if they cannot see each other anymore?
  • The facility manager did not try very hard at the meeting to persuade Jane to allow this relationship. What else could she have said or done?