MODULE 6. Questions About Dementia

Watch the following videos of health professionals answering frequently asked questions about dementia.

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The importance of an accurate diagnosis

Question: I thought Dad's increasing confusion was just part of getting older?

Changes that come with dementia

Question: Isn't dementia just a normal part of ageing?

Question: I was told that dementia is a terminal disease. Will mum die from dementia?

How to communicate with a person who has dementia

Question: Why can I have a great conversation with dad some days and other days he doesn’t seem to understand me?

Question: How will the staff know if mum is in pain or not, if she has dementia and doesn’t talk much?

The meaning of changed behaviours

Question: The staff are always cutting up dad’s food at meal time. Why can’t he be allowed to do this himself?

Question: My husband was always very level headed, but he seems to get upset for no obvious reason.

Question: I was told that Dad is having ‘Sundowning’. What does this mean?

Question: Whenever I visit Dad he wants me to take him home. He doesn’t seem to remember why he is living here. It’s really upsetting and I feel bad leaving him.

Question: I bring in all my wife's favourite foods but she has lost interest in things she used to love.

Question: Mum never used to flirt, but now she follows a man around all the time. It’s totally out of character and I find it really embarrassing.

Question: Is dad the same person now as before he had dementia?

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