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Relate, Motivate, Appreciate: Restoring meaningful engagement with people with dementia in care

Dementia Australia, with Monash University, and Dr Cameron Camp

This project will provide training workshops and resources that will help family carers and some professional carers to use Montessori techniques to better support people with dementia.
The project has developed a comprehensive workbook and training DVD, and will bring the American expert Dr Cameron Camp to Australia for a month of workshops for family carers and some seminars for staff in every state and territory of Australia, including regional locations.

Dates and times of Dr Camp’s Australian workshops in July, August and September, 2013, are available here.

Development of the Relate, Motivate, Appreciate resources was led by the Aged Mental Health Research Unit at Monash University, in collaboration with Dementia Australia.

3 thoughts on “Relate, Motivate, Appreciate: Restoring meaningful engagement with people with dementia in care

  1. Hi
    I am very keen to learn more about the Montessori Approach in dementia care and would like to be kept informed of any learning opportunities. We have six aged care homes in Melbourne and our residents would benefit from this approach in dementia care. I’d be willing to discuss how we may work together to improve the lives of our residents and welcome an opportunity to discuss any opportunities.
    Kind regards
    Damien Lippiatt
    General manager Vic

  2. I would love to take part in the project workshops if they are offered again in Australia. I participated at a conference hosted by Redleaf last year when Dr. Camp was in Australia and I was totally in awe of how he interacted with participants and with his stories etc.

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